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Small Business Services

We have many years of experience recording daily transactions for small businesses like yours. Robin and the Numbers LLC team know how to explain taxes and business accounting in a commonly understandable and enjoyable way. Whether you need a lot of hand-holding or just a little bit of help, we can meet your needs!

Business services we offer include:

Bookkeeping – Our team has many years of experience recording daily transactions for small businesses. We can take the paperwork load off the small business owner so they can concentrate on their business instead of the day to day bookkeeping. We communicate with small business owners to keep them apprised of their financial status to assist them in making better business decisions.

Accounting – Members of the team review the accounting of small businesses on a monthly, quarterly, or as needed basis, to help small business owner maintain the best possible financials throughout the year. Mid year reviews of the accounting can bring to light any issues before tax time and can possibly lower the time spent during tax season to review the whole year.

Payroll – We are experienced in processing payroll and can assist small business owners with their payroll set up, processing, and reporting.

Taxes – We have numerous years of experience filing S corporation returns (1120S), C corporation returns (1120), Partnerships (1065), and Nonprofit returns (990). We are adept at reviewing S corporation tax returns and individual returns of S corporations to find the best possible outcome of the two tax returns each year.

QuickBooks – Robin is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and teaches classes on QuickBooks. She shows how QuickBooks can save time for small businesses and the reports within the program can provide valuable information with just a few clicks to businesses. QuickBooks has many great features that small businesses can choose to utilize. QuickBooks is easy to use and can assist a small business in reducing their accounting costs.

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